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In order to get funds to further the project, we have been selling some of the computers and accessories that we have in surplus through our Ebay Shop (please look for the link in the "Links" section), trying to preserve at least one working specimen. This way of getting funds has proven being not enough, so we will are going to ask for the help of related communities to achieve the mission.


We have started to accept donations in order to support this big project. Please help us achieving this big and fascinating goal. We accept donations of classic vintage computers, and money donations. ALL DONORS will be given public recognition here on the website and on-site exhibitions (museums or other institutions), unless you would prefer anonymity.

In the end, we expect to have a place -likely in the Budapest area, or perhaps Vienna or Bratislava- where people from all around the region will be able not only to see the beautiful collection, but even to watch them running, and in some cases, even to interact with the computers! It will be a fantastic experience.

To donate EQUIPMENT, please contact us at:


To donate FUNDS using PayPal: